January Lasted Forever...

… but February was only 47 hours long.

After the Christmas Sweatshop this year, I simply couldn’t look at another hat or stocking. And unfortunately that meant I didn’t make much.

There were some Valentine’s Day Cross Stitch that made their way to Brick+Mortar, so I wasn’t a complete slacker.


And there’s a top secret baby blanket in the works for a very special tiny human scheduled to make his appearance on my wedding anniversary. Because he’s selfish and wants to start life as a one-upper, apparently.


I can’t share any info about this one yet as it’s highly likely this tiny human’s mama is a reader. I WILL say I’ve had to frog close to 1,000 stitches to fix an error in the pattern I didn’t catch right away, so this wee one better like me the best. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

The only knitting I’ve completed was actually for ME! Can you believe it??

Many many moons ago I made myself a laptop cozy. I only know I made it pre2013 but an exact month or year is anyone’s guess. I used Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool held double. That cozy lasted me several years and never let me down.

The button hole was stretched and starting to fray, but it held closed like a champ.


Then one day I slid my MacBook into it as I’ve done countless times and the poor dear just gave out. One seam couldn’t take it anymore.


I use this cozy everyday and I often take my computer with me to work with clients. I absolutely couldn’t be the Yarn Girl and have this be my traveling representation. Something needed to be done, STAT.


While I didn’t use the same yarn again, I did use the same color in a different yarn, which has no band but I’m certain it’s a generic acrylic. The original has earned her place in my Hall of Fame. She took her wear and tear and wore it proudly. I transferred the vintage button to our newest contender and her reign starts now.

Let’s see how many years we can squeeze out of this one, though it may not be a fair fight. I double sewed the seams.